Using the IPO man to teach about corporate governance

I finally bought some shares in Mike Merrill, the IPO man. I've been using him for years when talking about corporate governance, and finally decided to take a financial interest in him by buying some shares on his website. I don't expect to make any money from my "investment," but the Wired article illustrates some … Continue reading Using the IPO man to teach about corporate governance

Free corporate finance textbook

The price of textbooks has risen fifteenfold since 1970, three times the rate of inflation. I've written previously (Breaking the textbook drug habit) about this problem, but there is an even better solution for those of you teaching corporate finance/financial management. Ivo Welch, a professor at UCLA, has written a corporate finance textbook with a free … Continue reading Free corporate finance textbook

Teaching best practices and myths

While many people think that great teachers are born, there is a growing body of evidence showing that great teachers can be made. While most of the research was done at the primary and secondary education levels, many of the findings are applicable to tertiary education, including college finance. Research by the Sutton Trust and the University … Continue reading Teaching best practices and myths

Why I don’t use stock market games anymore

Stock market games, such as Virtual Stock Exchange, SmartStocks, Wall Street Survivor, or How the market works, seem like a good way of engaging students in an investments course. Students buy and sell stocks and are ranked by their performance. However, I try to discourage my students from participating in these trading simulations as much as … Continue reading Why I don’t use stock market games anymore