Better teaching with online homework

Online homework promises many benefits, such as immediate feedback and unlimited practice with different numbers for your students, and no tedious grading for the professor or teaching assistant.

Convinced by these promises, I used one of the publishers’ online homework sites in the past, but didn’t like it at all: Students had to pay $50 for online access (or spend $160 on a new book with bundled access), the site was slow and ugly, the problems were not very good (some correct answers were marked as incorrect), and the feedback provided was very thin.

In fact, all of the publishers’ homework websites are similarly overpriced, since their primary purpose is to defend the falling textbook revenues of the publishers. The following table shows a comparison:

Online homework sites comparison

As a result, I co-founded Accepi, as a better and more affordable homework site. Accepi supports the most common finance textbooks, provides students with immediate and detailed feedback, has simple as well as complex  problems, and costs only $19.95. Below is a sample problem, showing the feedback provided to students after their submission.

Accepi sample problem

Almost all problems have some random number, .e.g., the interest rate and number of years in the example above, so that students can practice the same problem as often as they want, and cannot easily copy someone else’s answer, making it more difficult to cheat.

When a student struggles with a question, they can request to see the solution (unless turned off by the instructor), lose a few points, and then have to try again with different input numbers to get credit for that question.

To find out more, you can try some sample questions or request free instructor access.


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