Ask me anything about the flipped classroom, clickers, simulations, etc.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with new teaching tools and approaches to increase the level of engagement in my finance classroom, with various levels of success. Here are the ones that I’m still actively using:

  1. Flipped classroom
  2. Classroom response system (iClickers and Tophat)
  3. In-class essays
  4. Online homework (Accepi and Connect Finance)
  5. Online Q&A sites/forum (Piazza)
  6. Online simulations (HBS simulations about capital budgeting and working capital management)
  7. Student presentations of current events
  8. “Call-a-friend lifeline” on exams to encourage cooperation

And here are the tools that I’m no longer using, for various reasons:

  1. Stock market games
  2. CrowdGrader (peer grading tool)

If you’re considering using any of these tools and techniques, I’d be more than happy to share my experience. Email me at and we can arrange a time to talk on the phone.


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