The most popular finance textbooks (updated)

Based on a national sample of 2,530 undergraduate finance courses that were offered in the U.S. in spring 2015, we have compiled a list of the most popular finance textbooks in each subject area. Below are those with market shares greater than 5%.

Corporate Finance / Financial Management

27.6%: Ross & Westerfield: (Essentials of/Fundamentals of) Corporate Finance
17.6%: Brigham & Houston: Fundamentals of Financial Management (standard & concise)
6.5%: Berk & DeMarzo: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
6.2%: Gitman: Principles of Managerial Finance (standard and brief)

Accepi currently offers problems tailored to the Ross & Westerfield and Brigham & Houston textbooks, i.e., terminology and solution approaches follow the book. Problems for the Berk & DeMarzo text will follow in July.


44.1%: Bodie, Kane & Marcus: Essentials of Investments
13.9%: Bodie, Kane & Marcus: Investments
12.6%: Jordan & Miller: Fundamentals of Investments
9.0%: Smart: Fundamentals of Investing

Accepi will offer problems tailored to “Essentials of Investments” in August.


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